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Urns & Caskets

Traditional and eco-friendly urns and caskets.

Urns and caskets are available in many different styles, materials and sizes, the choice depends on the preferred look, the type of funeral and – for a burial – the location. There are restrictions on the materials used to line a coffin for a cremation.

Eco-friendly urns are becoming increasingly popular, particularly due to the rise in natural burials which tend to take place in woodland locations. Eco-friendly coffins and caskets can be used for traditional burials and cremations.


We offer a collection of exquisitely crafted cremation urns, many available from stock or a great many other styles are available to order, as well as miniature keepsake urns for sharing cremated remains amongst relatives. These beautiful pieces come in a wide variety of materials and in styles that range from the traditional to the ultra-modern.

Ash Caskets

A casket is usually rectangular shape and wooden material but there are lots of variable ash containers of which we can advise and show you a selection of brochures.

Ash Scatter Tubes

Ash Scatter Tubes are purposely made for the scattering of ashes and come available in a variety of designs.

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