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Remembering loved ones

George Ashley (dad) πŸ’™
George Ashley (grandad) πŸ’™
Ernie Barnes πŸ’™
John (Jack) Barrow πŸ’™
Albert Bentley πŸ’™
John Bispham πŸ’™
Jack Blades πŸ’™
Kev Boyes πŸ’™
Wilfred Whittaker Bracewell πŸ’™
Peter Bradley πŸ’™
Harry Briggs πŸ’™
Henry Briggs πŸ’™
Alan Broadhurst πŸ’™
Keith Bunting πŸ’™
Richard Burrows πŸ’™
Jack Butler πŸ’™
Leslie Butler πŸ’™
Denis Byrne πŸ’™
Bartholomew Canavan πŸ’™
Albert Clark πŸ’™
Joseph Jackson Conroy πŸ’™
Kenneth Crabtree πŸ’™
Maurice Derbyshire πŸ’™
Albert (Tommy) Dodgson πŸ’™
John Dodgson πŸ’™
Harold Doidge πŸ’™
Ken Dyson πŸ’™
Donald Eastham πŸ’™
George Ellis πŸ’™
Albert Fell πŸ’™
Henry Fisher πŸ’™
Raymond Fisher πŸ’™
Leonard Forbes πŸ’™
Jeff Fort πŸ’™
Michael Foster πŸ’™
John Gabriel πŸ’™
Walter Graham πŸ’™
George Grimshaw πŸ’™
Eddie Hacking πŸ’™
Graham Hacking πŸ’™
George Hallas πŸ’™
George Hardacre πŸ’™
George Michael Hardacre πŸ’™
Billy Harrison πŸ’™
Frank Harrison πŸ’™
George Hasty πŸ’™
Malcom Hasty πŸ’™
James (Jim) Haworth πŸ’™
John Haworth πŸ’™
Ricky Hayes πŸ’™
Don Heyworth πŸ’™
Joseph Holland πŸ’™
William (Bill) Horner πŸ’™
Jim Hosker πŸ’™
Patrick Hough πŸ’™
Harry Hartley Howarth πŸ’™
Lewis Arthur Howarth πŸ’™
Edward Ireland πŸ’™
Eric Jackson πŸ’™
Kenneth Jacques πŸ’™
Peter Clifford Jacques πŸ’™
Harry Jones πŸ’™
Peter Kay πŸ’™
Ernest Knight πŸ’™
Vincent Leigh πŸ’™
Brian Lewis πŸ’™
Michael Lewis πŸ’™
Raymond Loder πŸ’™
Gary Lord πŸ’™
Peter Macken πŸ’™
Tom Macken πŸ’™
David Mason πŸ’™
Bert McCabe πŸ’™
Norman McCartney πŸ’™
John McGuiness πŸ’™
Paul McKenna πŸ’™
Raymond McKenna πŸ’™
Alan (Mac) McMillan πŸ’™
Leslie Richard Mellor πŸ’™
Peter Mills πŸ’™
Charles Moore πŸ’™
Joseph Moore πŸ’™
Peter Moran πŸ’™
Michael Pennington Morley πŸ’™
Robert Morrell πŸ’™
Harold Morton πŸ’™
Ken Murgatroyd πŸ’™
Arthur Murton πŸ’™
Chris Murton πŸ’™
Brian Neal πŸ’™
Bob Nuttall πŸ’™
Paddy O'Callaghan πŸ’™
John Ormerod πŸ’™
John Parker πŸ’™
Roy Parker πŸ’™
Anthony Patton πŸ’™
Frank Pilkington πŸ’™
Keith Pollitt πŸ’™
Stewart Proctor πŸ’™
Dave Rigg πŸ’™
Joe Roberts πŸ’™
William (Billy) Henry Robinson πŸ’™
Alexander (Sandy) Ross πŸ’™
Don Rowland πŸ’™
John Russell πŸ’™
Peter Paul Ryan πŸ’™
Ronald Sadler πŸ’™
Colin Sanderson πŸ’™
Steven Shaw (Shawy) πŸ’™
Jesse Shaw πŸ’™
David Shirley πŸ’™
Joseph Shirley πŸ’™
Joseph Silversides πŸ’™
Iain Slater πŸ’™
Howard Slinger πŸ’™
Ken Smith πŸ’™
Mark Billy Smith πŸ’™
Paul Smith πŸ’™
Robert Smith πŸ’™
William Smith πŸ’™
John Stansfield πŸ’™
Edmund Stockburn πŸ’™
Ronald Sykes πŸ’™
Brian Taylor πŸ’™
Derek Taylor πŸ’™
Jack Taylor πŸ’™
James Taylor πŸ’™
Ken Taylor πŸ’™
Richard Thompson πŸ’™
Jack Thornton πŸ’™
Michael Turmore πŸ’™
Jack Waddington πŸ’™
James Waddington πŸ’™
Ron Waddington πŸ’™
Thomas Walne πŸ’™
Walter Walne πŸ’™
Richard Walsh πŸ’™
Patrick Warder πŸ’™
Raymond Warder πŸ’™
Roland Wareing πŸ’™
Wilfred Wilkinson πŸ’™
Harry Williams πŸ’™
Geoffrey Wilson πŸ’™
John Wolstenholme πŸ’™
Terry Worthington πŸ’™
Howarth Wright πŸ’™
Les Yale πŸ’™
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