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Funeral Arrangements

As part of the process, we will help the family to make all the necessary arrangements for the funeral service.

The family should register the death in the town where the patient passed away.
We pay all fees on behalf of the family for the agreed arrangements, except for the death registration itself.
We cater for all types of funerals, from a more traditional service to a contemporary approach.

  • An idea of the arrangements we might make for the family:
  • Flowers – chosen from a flower brochure at the initial appointment.
  • Funeral date / time – we aim to arrange date and time to fit with the family.
  • Roles of family members – we help the family assign roles for the funeral e.g. coffin bearers, readers, eulogies, tributes.
  • Catering / function rooms – whatever is preferred we will arrange for you.
  • Orders of service – we will arrange these with a local printer.
  • Singers and musicians – usually a very personal choice.
  • Video (If available at your chosen location) – filming the funeral is an option for family members who are unable to travel to the service.
  • Press notices – death notice and then the thanks notices from the family after the funeral.
  • Transport – hearse / limousine, Victorian horse drawn and other types by request.
  • Headstones – we can refer you to a monumental mason, the mason will normally discuss the wording and details directly with the family.
  • Ministers / Clergy – we will arrange a Minister/Clergy who will then liase with the family and discuss their wishes.
  • Coffins and caskets – selecting and ordering coffins / furniture. We will discuss and offer advice on the types of coffin available and which might be most appropriate.
  • Hospital liaison – we will advise on how to deal with the hospital and coroner’s office, assisting the family with this process at such a difficult time.
  • Official forms – crematorium, doctor’s forms and fees – we pay on behalf of the family.
  • Book the cemetery and arrange the plot or family vault. We will take the family to choose a plot.
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