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Pre-paid Funeral Plans

There comes a time in life when it’s natural to consider how you would like to leave your loved ones.

The Golden Charter funeral plan gives you peace of mind that, by paying in advance, you can rest assured that loved ones will be spared unnecessary expense when you depart.


For More Information Call 01282 427483 or click on the link above to visit the Golden Charter website


Record Your Wishes

Many people are unaware that they can pre-arrange a funeral without needing to pre-pay.

Did you know that most wills are only read AFTER the funeral? If your will is the only record of your wishes then your family are unlikely to have the information they need to make decisions.

At Alderson and Horan Funeral Services our family are happy to keep a record of your wishes and keep them on file at no charge because of the enormous positive difference it makes when the bereaved know they are carrying out a loved one’s wishes.

We can meet up with you at your home or here in our offices to discuss your wishes. One of our staff will make a note of your personal preferences which we will keep on file, supplying you with a copy for your records.

If requested we can provide a written estimate of today’s costs of providing the funeral services you have asked for along with details about the different ways these costs could be met when the time comes.

For More Information Call 01282 427483
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