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Traditional and eco-friendly coffins and caskets.

Coffins and caskets are available in many different styles, materials and sizes, the choice depends on the preferred look, the type of funeral and – for a burial – the location. There are restrictions on the materials used to line a coffin for a cremation.

Eco-friendly coffins are becoming increasingly popular, particularly due to the rise in natural burials which tend to take place in woodland locations. Eco-friendly coffins and caskets can be used for traditional burials and cremations.

Wood Veneer Coffin

An elegant basic coffin (standard). This is a standard type of coffin, made of a strong wood composite material veneered in oak or mahogany. Manufactured locally in Pendle.

Panelled Wood Veneer Coffin

The Lancaster – medium oak finish

Cardboard Coffin

An eco-friendly coffin. The biodegradable coffin is made of cardboard, designed for the natural burial. We may recommend an alternative to cardboard depending on circumstances, as there are practical limits with cardboard. A cardboard coffin can be covered with a drape or painted to make it more presentable. However, painting will reduce the eco-friendliness of the cardboard coffin.

Wicker Coffin

Eco-friendly wicker coffin. Fully upholstered with double mouldings & ivory satin edgings.

Wood Effect Veneer Coffin

This is a simple wood effect veneer coffin available on request.

Wooden Caskets

The Cheltenham – in natural oak finish


We can help you choose a more personal design from personal photo’s to favourite character / theme design

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