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Remembering loved ones at Christmas

All Our Loved Ones who can't be with us are being remembered this Christmas time ❤️🕯❤️
Bill & Josie Allott ❤️🕯❤️
Paul Bielby ❤️🕯❤️
Kevin Boyes ❤️🕯❤️
Rhona Boyes ❤️🕯❤️
Trevor Bradley My husband Trevor who you looked after in 2012 with so much respect and kindness ❤️🕯❤️
Gwendoline Brookes My mum Gwendoline Brookes who you looked after in March 2010 xx ❤️🕯❤️
Jack Butler ❤️🕯❤️
Alice Carter ❤️🕯❤️
Patrick Connolly My husband Patrick Connolly passed in July this year 😥 ❤️🕯❤️
Mark Conroy My brother Mark Conroy. 💔 ❤️🕯❤️
Linda Barbara Harvey My mum Linda Barbara Harvey ,who you looked after in November 2018 xx ❤️🕯❤️
Sheila Hepworth ❤️🕯❤️
Josephine Hindle ❤️🕯❤️
Kevin Hindle My husband Kevin, who u looked after 12yrs ago with so much kindness an dignity xx ❤️🕯❤️
Mary Holgate ❤️🕯❤️
Michelle Holmes ❤️🕯❤️
Mick Horsfall ❤️❤️
Maureen Irving My mum Maureen Irving. Looked after amazingly by Alderson & Horan xx ❤️🕯❤️
Eric Jackson ❤️🕯❤️
Eric Jackson Eric Jackson, May 2019. As with many others, you made a horrendous time easier by being the fantastic people that you are. Thank you for everything. ❤️🕯❤️
Ken Jacques ❤️🕯❤️
Ronnie Langgaard ❤️🕯❤️
Vernon Lawless ❤️🕯❤️
Stephen Marsh ❤️🕯❤️
Freda McCartney ❤️🕯❤️
Norman McCartney ❤️🕯❤️
Julia Nicholas My mum Julia Nicholas who you looked after Christmas 2016. ❤️🕯❤️
Joan Preston ❤️🕯❤️
Lynne Preston ❤️🕯❤️
Susan Robinson ❤️🕯❤️
Malcolm Scholes My dad Malcolm Scholes September 2016 xxx ❤️🕯❤️
Jean Shepherd Jean shepherd.(my mum) passed away 2 weeks ago 😭💔 ❤️🕯❤️
Elizabeth (Betty) Smith ❤️🕯❤️
William Stevenson ❤️🕯❤️
Elizabeth Stott ❤️🕯❤️
Bill Sutcliffe ❤️🕯❤️
McKenzie James Waddington-Birkett ❤️🕯❤️
Margaret Walsh ❤️🕯❤️
Lynn Wheeler ❤️🕯❤️
Allan Wilkie ❤️🕯❤️
Geoffrey Wilson ❤️🕯❤️
Marjorie Wilson ❤️🕯❤️
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